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I'm a wellness and corporate educator working with individuals and organizations to navigate change with grace, power, and flow. As a consultant, I work in partnership with clients to create alignment and generate results they care about. 

I was born in Houston and grew up in central Texas save a 3-year family relocation to Grass Valley in northern California. Eighteen months of my early infancy was spent on a US air force base in Okinawa, Japan, where my father practiced as a family doctor and my mother cared for me and my older sister Renee.

As the second-born of seven, I learned teamwork and collaboration (and a bit of competition) at an early age. I also learned to cook, a skill which would allow me to fund my college education and buy a Honda Ascot 500, my first and only motorcycle.

I was a physically active and accident-prone youngster. At age 5, I ran through a sliding glass door, thinking it was open. My career dream, as a 9 year old climbing large oak trees in the heavily wooded backyard of our northeast San Antonio home, was to be a Hollywood stuntman. 

As fate, or perhaps family history, would have it, I went a more conventional route, majoring in Mathematics at the University of Texas at San Antonio and entering the computer industry. My career as a corporate employee started as a software engineer at NASA and ended 12 years later as a program manager at

Following a 2004 death march as a project manager for Austin, TX startup, I phoned Ken Schwaber, told him Austin needed him, and hosted one of his first Certified ScrumMaster workshops at Austin Community College. Following a 4-month mentorship with Ken, I was designated a Scrum Trainer and began a 7 year journey as an agile coach and scrum trainer.

In 2011, I moved to rural China to train in tai chi at a monastery run by two Taoist priests. Six months later, I returned to the United States and extended my sabbatical by moving to Western North Carolina to farm organic vegetables.

In 2015, I returned to corporate work to generate income to support my wife, daughter, and stepsons. I'm currently living in Brevard, NC and commuting to Charlotte for work.


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