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Master Zhong takes 5 new disciples

On Wednesday, October 13th, the San Feng Academy hosted a ceremony an which Master Zhong received five new disciples. The 3-hour ceremony began shortly after lunch and was presided over in part by three of Master Zhong's kung fu brothers, one of whom was Master Chen.

Taking disciples is the primary way to ensure the teachings of a spiritual, healing, or martial arts lineage is carried forward over time. Master Zhong, at age 25, was chosen by Guo Gaoyi and Zhu Chengde to be a disciple of the Wudang San Feng Pai (pai means "sect" or "school"). Since that time, Zhong has taken about 95 disciples, 25 of which attended this ceremony.

Master Zhong leads his discples out of the academy to the ceremony hall [below].

Group assembles in the ceremony hall [below]. Master Zhong sits to the right of the altar. The large image hanging above the altar is that of Zhang San Feng, a Wudang moutains icon and the namesake of the pai (sect) of which Zhong and his disciples below. Three of Zhong's kung fu brothers (meaning that they trained together with Master Zhong under the same teacher) sit against the wall. Each of the three played an integral role in welcoming and blessing the new disciples.

First new disciple (clothed in pink and standing before the altar) responds to the reading of vows by a current disciple, who is clothed in green and standing. Current disciples are lined up and seated against the left wall.

Following the ceremonial vows, the new disciple kneels in reverence at the altar.

Following the vows and receiving of the five new disiples by Master Zhong and his kung fu brothers, all disciples present stand and offer blessings and prayers to Zhang San Feng and the great Tao.

Disciples complete the prayers and blessings, kneeling in reverence and gratitude.

Onlookers gather at the door to view the ceremony and take pictures and videos.

Following formal vows and blessings in the hall, the ceremony moved into the school's training courtyard, where the audience of disciples and masters mingled with the staff and students of San Feng Academy.

The mingling shown in the above video was followed by a celebration of various Wudang kung fu and tai chi performances by senior disciples.

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