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Senior disciples perform for Master Zhong

Master Zhong's disciple-taking ceremony, held on a Wednesday afternoon in October, culminated in a number of Wudang martial arts performances by his senior disciples. Performances were held in the training courtyard of the San Feng Academy in the Wudang mountains of Central China.

[below] The audience of Master Zhong, his kung fu brothers and disciples, and the staff and students of San Feng Academy take in the performances.

One of Master Zhong's new disciples plays sword for the first performance of the day.

In the video below, Master Yuan, a disciple of Master Zhong since 1993, performs the Tai Yi Wuxing, a form originating from the period of the Ming Dynasty. The slow, fluid moves and contrasting quick, explosive power are characteristics of this form of Liang Yi Ch'uan. Check out the blog post "Does tai chi get any sexier?" to see Master Bo perform Tai Yi Wuxing with a different flavor.


[below] Master Chen Shiyu performs Xuan Wu Ch'uan, another Liang Yi form.


Master Wong performas tai chi 36. Master Wang Yong Qiang, a Wudang wushu instructor and disciple of Master Zhong Yunlong, plays tai chi 36, a wudang form. This fluid, powerful form is categorized as a style of zong he (meaning "combined together") tai chi, which indicates it is a blend of movements drawn from various forms. Background sound (a construction jackhammer droning on in the background) was removed from the video below. Enjoy the sound of silence as you watch!



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